1958-1970 Chevy Rear Differential code Identification Using the charts below, you will be able to learn alot about the rear differential in your classic full size Chevy. The gear ratio codes are located on the front passenger side of the differential as shown in the illustration below. Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification Stamped axle codes Ford used a vast array of rear ends over the years. Besides the codes stamped into the axle tubes, some carried ratio and/or posi tags as well as the vehicle having a plate containing coded info on the rearend. Identify your GMC or Chevrolet rear end gear ratio by the RPO Codes, usually located on the placard labeled “Service Parts Identification” inside the drivers door panel or glove box. (Accurate identification using the GM RPO code assumes that the rear end has not been previously modified) The prefix is usually F, G or H when referring to Axle Identification.

Jan 30, 2015 · To help you find the right part, we first need to properly identify the axle you have or need. Not all vehicles are set up the same, even though they may be the same make and model. All of these axles take different parts so we need to properly identify the axle you have to get the right part. AMC JEEP FRONT AXLES Differential Identification Chart Your differential is the set of gears that allows your vehicle’s driven wheels to revolve at different speeds by splitting your engine torque in two directions… AMC